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   Dennis Harrington 

  "  If you are looking for a high quality pest control service at a reasonable price, you have found the right place. "


“Dennis did a great job for me.  He did exactly what he said he would do.  It’s nice to know you can count on somebody in times like these.

 Jeannette Mulhause

“Dennis came in and assessed the problem-we had a basement full of spiders, hobos, black widows - all kinds of spiders.   He knew where the nests would be and what to look for.  He found them, and was so complete with the treatment   that there was little to do on the follow up.  He’s very competent with what he does and can simply take care of the problem.”

Tim Kendall

“We have had all types of jobs done - ants under the sink and bathtub - they were real bad, termite fumigation, spraying around the base of the house.    He’s done all kinds of jobs for us and always has done a great job.  I can call on him for anything.  He’s right there for us-Johnny on the spot!” 

Helen Mabry

“One of the things that really blessed me was that when I had called him, the carpet was coming in the next day.  He stopped what he was doing and just came out and took care of the spiders in my daughter’s bedroom.  He made me a priority.  He was very thorough and we’ve never had another problem down there and believe me, being a teenager’s room, if there was going to be a problem, that’s where it would be!  Great job! 

Penny Mobley


“I’ve had Dennis out several times, but one time in particular really impressed me. I was cornered in the den by a huge roach-one of those big field roaches.  I was able to get to the phone and Dennis was there within minutes.  He simply treated the house and yard and those big bullies have never returned.Once he had been there and sprayed, we didn’t have any more wasp problems." 

Claudette Barber






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   Harrington Pest Control is a local, family owned and operated pest control company that focuses its business efforts on the latest techniques in pest control and prevention. Harrington Pest Control specializes in state-of-the-art pest control services that protect your family, pets, and home from pests and the health hazards associated with them.


   The company got started with the idea of bringing back to the community the old American tradition of hard work and care for clients. Our company firmly believes that our customers are a priority and that work that is done with care and professionalism benefits the community.    If you are looking for a high quality pest control service at a reasonable price, then you have found the right place. We believe that giving to the community is not only  an honor but a responsibility. It is for this reason   that our services are directed to the Missoula   communities and families that we know and care for.



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